The Museum Group should operate in a non-profit fashion, and will accept donations made to Group Officers. As the museum grows it will require further SL land and this will be purchased or rented using donations. In the future contact with real life Computer Museums might lead to further donations and ‘loaned’ or digital versions of their exhibits. The Museum is not dependent on this occurring but will welcome suitable approaches. If a surplus is accrued from donations the Museum may commission development, research, event or property management, docents and other services within SL.

Museum Policy and Practice
The SL Computer History Museum will maintain a list of exhibits submitted (including owner’s details) and will make this available through the blog and the SL museum. The SL Computer History Museum will display a selection from this list in the collections on land parcels deeded to the SL Computer History Museum Group in Second Life. The submitting member will retain ownership of their exhibit and its contents. The SL Computer History Museum does not make any representations concerning the validity or ownership of material in the exhibits in the list or on the land parcels in SL. The museum reserves the right to select contributions to be listed on this blog or displayed on the land parcels in SL, and will not enter into correspondence concerning its decisions.

Contributors are encouraged to keep an archive copy of all material submitted as the museum offers no guarantees. The museum will require all exhibits to be ‘shared’ with the museum group in SL so that they can be arranged by the museum at its discretion. Exhibitors will be given the rights to build, edit and move such group owned objects. You will retain ownership of your contributions. By submitting an exhibit to the museum in Second Life or via this blog you are confirming that you have the rights to publish the material contained within it, and that you will indemnify the museum and its other contributors against all third party claims. If you believe that a museum exhibit contains copyrighted material or intellectual property belonging to a third party that is not properly attributed or licensed by its owner please notify the exhibit’s owner directly.

Due to space limitations the museum may choose to rotate the exhibits displayed in the collections. The museum is not obliged to continue to display any of the collections or exhibits, this blog, any of its lists or the SL group.


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