The Second Life Computer History Museum

Welcome to the Computer History Museum in Second Life.

Teleport to the SL Computer History Museum

Our objective is to develop a Museum to showcase information about the history of Computers, Computing and Computer Science.

If you are interested in contributing exhibits and events for the museum please join the ‘SL Computer History Museum’ Group and IM Davee Commerce.

We are especially interested to hear from people who have contributed personally to the development of computing or computer science.

Our initial exhibits were kindly loaned to us by Ken Caliber who built them for a course on Artificial Intelligence that he teaches in Second Life at Science and Psychology at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake IA.

We also wish to thank Raft McMillan (Second Life name) for a great new feature on the History of Home Computers.

List of Exhibits:

  • A functioning Turing Machine (devised by Alan Turing to investigate computation)
  • A Perceptron (the forerunner of today’s neural networks)
  • A chatbot (to illustrate Turing’s ‘Imitation Game’) – activate the chatbot and hold a conversation
  • The Illiac I computer – one of the first to be built in the USA (University of Illinois, 1952)
  • The ENIAC computer – an even earlier computer built in the USA
  • The Atanasoff-Berry Computer, held by many to have been the first electronic digital computer(1937/42)
  • Home Computer rezzer and information by Raft McMillan of Retrogamer
  • The New Expanded Museum is now located on EduIsland 4. Click here to teleport.

    Note: The SL Computer History Museum is not affiliated with any real world organisations.